Do you need to ensure air quality in your premises?

Your staff no longer have to stand next to an air monitor to take readings..

We take responsibility for checking and reporting your air quality levels 24/7..

Real-time data view from PC / Tablet / Phone.







Where can a monitor be placed?  

Class rooms, meeting rooms,  reception, canteen & corridoors.

Shopping centres, hairdressers, nail-bars.

Hospital wards, care homes.

Restaurant, theatre, cafe, bar, nightclub, gym.

Trains, buses, taxis.



Alarm Messages.

Our monitors notify you via text / email as soon as levels reach alarm levels.

You can remotely adjust the levels at which you will be notified.

Compatible with multiple unit types.



Technical Details:

Unit Configuration Options:


Access Point 

Unit behaves like a WiFi router. 

Mobile GSM SIM Card

Connect to GSM phone network if WiFi not available.



Connect using Blue Tooth enabled phone/tablet/PC.


USB Serial Cable

Connect directly to Phone/Tablet/PC.


USB Power Supply

Power in remote locations via USB Power Bank.

Ethernet Cable

Connect via Ethernet cable when WiFi not available.